The Financial plan


Our goal is to raise production budget of $1.2M Dollars. If this is obtained, we will be able to hire a name actress, and potentially co-partner in our Production endeavors. If we only raise the $200K, we will still be able to provide a quality film, honoring Christine.  However, we will change the course of how we Produce it, and the investment return will be more difficult to obtain.  This decision will be made in the Spring of 2019. Production budget on this website was prepared by Producer Anita Cordell.  Minimum Investment to receive a potential 15% return is $5000.  To potentially received 20% return and share in producer points, the minimum amount is $50K.  From the receipts back to the film investors recoup their total investment +15%.  Then, the 20% investors split proportionally 50 of the total 100 back end points ownership of the film.  

      The film rights are owned by Anita Cordell.  All of the funds invested will be deposited to an existing bank account owned by River Productions, LLC - created and owned by Anita Cordell. If you donate - please see our donation link on our home page.  Donations are through our 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor, One By One and MUST be donated either through our donation button, OR write a check with CRY PURPLE in the memo.

Pre-Production/ 3 months

During the 3 month pre-production process the producers will cast the film, hire the crew, and secure the filming locations in Kansas Ctiy.

The 3-month period begins with  Producers making a 1-week trip to KC; Anita & Partner.  The 3-month period will end with all lead cast and crew arriving in KC a week before filming starts to prepare for production.  Money is dispersed during pre-production and production.

Production - 21 Days

We are looking at 21 days of filming in Kansas City, MO.  We are still working on a completed Production schedule, and of course, if we raise more than the $200K, we will be able to hire potential  name actors and there would be a higher change of an ROI.

Post-Production in Tulsa, OK or KC

Film editing will take place in either Tulsa, OK or in Kansas City,  near Director, Anita Cordell.  The film will then be completed and locked.  SADTI money is received after locked film is sent to Anita Cordell for approval.


We have been in discussion with several distributors that are interested in working with us to help with a world wide release. 

 Print and Advertising (P&A) funds are raised to promote the film during this time.  For example, the starting amount for P&A for a $2M film is around $2-5M.  This is raised after the film is completed and distribution is secured.

If we are able to secure a $1.2M budget versus a $200K budget, we intend to start with 300-500 theaters and then expand to a nationwide release.  We intend to release the film internationally as well.  Then VOD like Itunes, Amazon, etc. DVD/Bluray and also TV. 

How do you get paid as an investor?

1) The "FIRST MONEY" to come back to the production company will go to pay back the investors money + 15%

2)  After the "FIRST MONEY" is paid back, any money that comes in will be split 50/50 between investors and producers/crew. 50 points are shared among investors proportional to the amount invested and 50 producer points.  Producer points are negotiated on a case by case basis, but will be given out with investors who invest $50,000 or more.

Ways a film can make a Profit

Box Office Ticket Sales in North America


VOD and Streaming-on-demand sales

Foreign Sales

Other Distribution Channels like:

Airlines and Hospitality